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Favourite anime director: Shinichiro Watanabe

"It actually kind of sucks having to be a director. Once you do it, you discover how hard it really is. This is no kind of a job for a human being, let me tell you. I think I ought to quit, but I can’t really do anything else!"


Papercut art by ユリ

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Belén Moreno aka Belén Moreno Núñez (Sevilla, Spain) - 1,2: Twin Peaks “Fire Walk With Me” (+ detail), 2014  Drawings: Graphite on Paper, Digital Coloring  3: El Regreso, 2014  4: The Awakening Of Consciousness, 2014   3,4: Oil, Graphite on Venetian Plaster

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東京喰種ログ2【血注意】 by shiromi

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Exhibition Jeff Koons: A Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, June 27– October 19, 2014

Photographs by Blair Prentice (iheartmyart)